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Wedding Cigar Gift Ideas


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It didn't always used to be so difficult to find that unique and distinctive wedding gift… but hey, that was when new couples got married in their twenties! The basic notion then was to help new couples get off to a good start by giving them the items they needed to comfortably start their new home together. This gave friends and family a world of options for gift-giving ideas. These days, however, newlyweds often have two of everything as they combine two separate households, and this presents their devoted gift giving friends with a dilemma: how to find the right present? Fortunately, your odds of finding the ideal wedding gift for the Bride & Groom who already have everything just got better! Read on…

Setting the Newlyweds on Course

Today's fast-paced society means less time for for couples to spend quality time together. For many this reality has prompted them to seek ways to create more memorable, rejuvenating experiences they can share. Now you can help your favorite newlyweds out! With experience-based gifts that foster ongoing celebrations, you'll be giving them opportunities to spend more time with one another. Gifts that can be enjoyed as a couple, such as carefully selected gourmet chocolates, wines, cheeses, beers, beautiful floral arrangements, or even premium, hand-rolled cigars, provide for time well spent together. For a gift that they are certain to adore and guaranteed to remember, give a wedding present that encourages romantic memories and tender moments—one that they will anticipate eagerly and experience together every single month!

Renewing Your Vows Each and Every Month

There's no question that happy, long-lasting marriages require continued thoughtfulness. Most couples recognize this fact, and that's the reason they get so thrilled at the chance to give wedding gifts which help them to set aside time to honor their marriage—a gift that brings them together and lets them renew their wedding vows each month! Why not make the commitment to celebrate your marriage every month by giving one another tandem Bride & Groom club memberships for two or more clubs that you can enjoy together!

*Remember, gift memberships can be delivered simultaneously, or consecutively at the request of the Bride and/or Groom.

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